About M&M

Founded in September 2018 by two adorable, artistic, comic book loving rebels: @Melaati Jayah and @Athena Baker, the M&M Club has dedicated itself to not only showcasing its members the world of manga (and other Asian/Asian based comic book styles) but also teaching its members that there’s more to Memphis life than what the media and tourist industry already came up with.

Manga and Manhwa has visited many jewels all around Memphis. Our first meeting was located at Java Cabana in the center of Midtown, and after that many more! We have met at around 10 coffee shops new and old as well as attended Cherry Blossom Festival and One time movie premieres of Mangas we have read.

Whether it be reading manga at a local coffee shop or playing shiritori by the Mississippi River, anyone can have a good time participating in the club while learning more about the world of Memphis and Asian comic books. Manga and Manhwa Book Club celebrates the Culture, language and celebrations of the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese culture. We've played Go at the crosstown, written haiku's, made emas on New Years and read mangas from different genres.